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Baxi boiler service south kensington

Get your Baxi boiler serviced by certified Gas Safe engineers in South Kensington. We guarantee our workmanship and parts for one year, and usually fix most boiler repairs within a single visit. Contact us today to make an appointment!
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Emergency boiler repairs in south kensington

There's nothing worse than waking up on a chilly morning and realizing that your heating has failed. And if your boiler has conked out, it's even worse, because that means no hot showers or baths either. But don't worry. Baxi Service is here to help with all your emergencies! With their team of skilled technicians located all over South Kensington, they'll be with you in no time to fix your boiler and get your home feeling warm and toasty once again. So why put up with the cold when you can make one quick call and get things sorted out fast?

why choose us?

Premium service by experienced professionals
Gas Safe registered engineers
90% of parts are carried on vehicle
Emergency same day repairs
Competitive pricing without compromising standards
Fixed fee – no hidden costs
24-hour service

common boiler issue we fix

low boiler pressure

One of the most common issues is losing pressure, which can signal a leak in your central heating system. Finding the source of the leak is the first step to fixing the problem, and oftentimes it's a simple fix. If it's not a leak, then it may be an issue with the pressure relief valve or the expansion vessel. Our team of experts are here to help. With their knowledge and experience, they're sure to get your boiler back up and running in no time!

water leaks

Seals are often the culprits when it comes to water seeping out. Over time, seals can become damaged or simply degrade, which means that they're no longer able to keep water in as effectively as they used to. This can be particularly problematic if your boiler is under high pressure. But don't worry – fixing a leak caused by a damaged seal is a relatively common issue and easily remedied by a professional.

no hot water

Boilers are essential for providing hot water and keeping your home warm. However, even the best boilers can encounter issues. Common problems include a faulty pilot light, a malfunctioning diaphragm, valve failure, leaks in the central heating system, or a thermostat set at an inadequate temperature. Though these issues may seem daunting, they are often easily fixable by trained professionals.
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what our client say about us

Recently, a Baxi boiler of mine malfunctioned, and it was the quick thinking of a skilled heating engineer from Baxi Service that saved the day. Despite being off-duty, the technician arrived promptly and quickly diagnosed the problem with the wireless thermostat and communication box. Thanks to their excellent service, we were once again able to take comfort in a warm home.

Stephanie Lowe

As a first-time customer of Baxi Service, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of efficiency displayed by their team. From the seamless booking process to the prompt arrival, their service delivery was top-notch. What stood out for me, even more, was the transparency and level of detail provided during their explanation of the issues.

Claire Jackson

When it comes to home maintenance, unexpected problems can often arise. That's exactly what happened to us when we discovered a leak in our boiler. Luckily, the Baxi Service engineer was able to arrive within just a couple of hours. From the moment he arrived, we were impressed with his level of professionalism. He got straight to work and was able to diagnose the issue with ease.. We are very happy with the service.

Svea Pastare

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    It's important to keep your boiler happy, healthy and safe for you and your family. So why not get it serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer annually? We  can help you with that!
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